From lightweight, track-focused machines to high-powered sportscars, some of the world’s finest and most prestigious car makers put their trust in Motul products to help them deliver the ultimate blend of power and performance. This is what those car makers had to say about their relationship with Motul.


“Motul is an important partner during the development stages of the next generation of ultralightweight vehicles, providing technical support during testing, thus ensuring that lap records at the circuit continue to be our specialty for years to come. As our sole official lubricant supplier, Motul is present in each vehicle’s Manufacturer Recommendations plaques as well as the user manual. The name and prestige of Motul is very important for us and to have a big manufacturer giving us this support. Motul has a great presence in racing and is globally known. We’re very similar companies, too. We didn’t want to work with a big corporate structure, but with a company that was nimbler. Motul is very agile in the process and that is something that is really important.”


“At Ruf, we need a lubricant partner that can tailor its products to our specific need for high performance and also has this product available all over the world. On top of that, we’re feeling a really strong synergy with Motul as we not only share the same passion but also both companies have a long and rich history. I’m convinced that together we can make more history.”


“Motul’s lubricants are great. We use everything from the brake fluid, clutch, gearbox and engine lubricants. The durability and performance have been no issue at all. When we started out with Motul it was at the same time as we brought in a new engine. For a high compression, direct-injection engines, we need to use a special oil, and we found that right away with Motul. For us, the global availability is another huge benefit of using Motul. We’re selling cars all across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. So, to have global dealerships where our dealers can stock a really good quality lubricant is key for us.”


“As far as with we’re concerned, Motul is the best. Our requirement was for a very high-performing oil, and that’s what we get with 300V. The Mono is designed for road and track use, so it’s important that the oil performs in every temperature, humidity and environment in each of the 45 countries that we export the car to around the world across four continents. The engine oil, and indeed all of the other lubricants for gearbox, clutch and brakes, is the perfect match for what we do. And obviously with the distribution network that Motul has across the world, we can align our customers and dealers to ensure that we’ve got a constant supply of fluids and lubricants.”