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The latest innovation from MOTUL is the NGEN HYBRID range. As the future of mobility is going through one of the biggest transitions since the invention of the car with hybrid and electric drivetrain technology, the oils and lubricants need to keep pace.

Needs of Hybrid Vehicles

NGEN HYBRID has been tailored towards the small petrol engines used in hybrid drivetrains, whether hybrid or plug-in hybrid. The five viscosities are aimed recommended for a number of different hybrid car manufacturers such as: Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Honda, Kia and Suzuki.














These smaller turbocharged engines can suffer from low-speed pre-ignition, where fuel undergoes uncontrolled combustion at low speeds. This can be missed by the vehicle’s engine management system and can cause damage in the long term. All viscosities within the NGEN HYBRID range have been formulated to prevent LSPI.

As vehicles with a hybrid drivetrain are focused on efficiency, the NGEN HYBIRD range has been focused on maximised fuel economy as well as maintaining engine efficiency by minimising friction. Although small, turbocharged engines can be more efficient, they are often stressed due to lower fuel dilution and increased start&stops. NGEN HYBRID has been formulated to provide maximum protection and efficiency for these engines.


Part of innovating for the future is looking at our impact on the environment. The NGEN HYBRID range has been formulated using 25% renewable base oil.













This reduces the volume of crude oil need to create engine oil which has enabled MOTUL to reduce the carbon footprint in the production process by 25%. This isn’t the first time MOTUL has used bio-sourced oil in the formulation of an innovative new oil; MOTUL 300V has used Ester Core technology to maximise the performance and endurance of engines on the track for a number of years.

Not only is the oil more sustainable, but the bottles the oil is stored in have been made using 50% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. The importance of making a more sustainably formulated engine oil to slot into modern mobility is clear but NGEN Hybrid tackles this without compromising on protection and performance for the engine.

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