What’s ESTER Core®?

ESTER Core® is Motul’s technology that involves the combination of carefully chosen esters with an optimal selection of top quality synthetic base oils coupled with an innovative additives package.
Therefore the ESTER Core® technology guarantees:

– More power
– More reliability
– More protection
– Minimal oil consumption




By selecting esters over other high performance synthetic base stocks and combining them with an innovative additive package, MOTUL has created a perfect synergy.

This most advanced ESTER Core® Technology allows maximum power output of the engine without compromising reliability and wear.

* Up to 1.3% horsepower increase while maintaining wet clutch performance.

* Outstanding gearbox protection: Thanks to the innovative anti-wear additives package.

*FZG Gear Test results: Pass FLS>14. The FZG (Forschungsstelle für Zahnrader und Getriebebau) Test, evaluates fluid lubricating and wear protection properties at the interface of a loaded set of gears. Lubricants are then graded based on their “Failure Load Stage” or FLS rating from FLS 1 (very poor result) up to FLS 14 (outstanding result).

*Stable oil pressure whatever running conditions.

For decades MOTUL has developed high performance synthetic Ester based lubricants.


Motorcycle: 300V On Road/Off Road