Motul is proud to be the brand that introduced the automotive world to, arguably, the three biggest advances in lubricants in the second half of the 20th Century: Mutligrade Motor Oil in the 1950s, Semi-synthetic oils a decade later and then, in 1971, the world’s first fully synthetic motor oil – MOTUL 300V – in 1971

Now MOTUL presents the NGEN range, which sets new standards for sustainable and resource-saving high-performance engine oils for cars and motorbikes.

The range debuts with three of these new resource-saving, sustainable, high-performance engine oils. The MOTUL NGEN range of motor oils either consists largely of high-quality regenerated oils (NGEN 5 and NGEN 7 for motorbikes) or contains a high proportion of raw materials from renewable resources (NGEN Hybrid for hybrid cars) and offers performance that matches or even betters other products currently available on the market.

“In the more than 170 years of the company’s history, MOTUL has not only always adapted to new technological challenges and regularly set new standards, but has also remained true to its own demands for uncompromising performance”, explains Motul UK and Ireland Sales and Marketing Manager, Andy Wait.

MOTUL believes that the new NGEN product line marks another milestone on MOTUL’s journey of innovation. And this milestone is particularly environment and resource-friendly.

All MOTUL NGEN products use either high-quality regenerated raw materials in their formulation, i.e. oils that have already been used and recycled in a complex process, or oils from renewable biological sources. This not only reduces production-related CO2 emissions, but also saves fossil raw materials and enables more sustainable production.


High-performance engine oils for the motorbike sector and hybrid vehicles

MOTUL NGEN HYBRID is a genuine product revolution for drivers of hybrid cars. After MOTUL presented MOTUL HYBRID in 2016, the first engine oil tailored to the requirements of hybrid vehicles, the product now receives a real sustainability upgrade. MOTUL NGEN HYBRID contains up to 25 percent oil from renewable raw materials and supports better fuel efficiency as well as improved response and starting behaviour. The special formula with various additives and ester core technology protects the engine better against deposits and provides reliable lubrication even at the low engine temperatures typical of hybrid vehicles. MOTUL NGEN HYBRID meets the latest API SP and ILSAG GF-6 standards as well as JASO GLV-1.

In the motorbike sector, MOTUL’s NGEN 5 is a high-performance, reliable engine oil for everyday use – tackling the challenges of both urban and rural environments. The focus is on optimised starting and shifting behaviour, as well as best fuel efficiency. NGEN 5 uses an additive and ester formulation like the conventional MOTUL 5100 engine oil, but it relies on up to 75 percent regenerated engine oil.

NGEN7 is the first choice for all motorcyclists for the demands of sporty driving behaviour. The high-performance oil offers improved response for powerful engines as well as high temperature resistance and strong clutch grip. NGEN 7 is identical to MOTUL 7100 in terms of additive and ester formulation, but it uses up to 50 percent regenerated motor oil. Both products are suitable for the entire powersports range  – i.e. also for quads, ATVs or side-by-side vehicles – and meet the current API standards. They are also JASO MA2 certified.

Sustainable Inside and Out

In addition to the contents, the packaging of MOTUL NGEN products is also designed to be sustainable. All bottles consist of 50 percent recycled plastics and are made to be 100% recyclable.

MOTUL NGEN 5, MOTUL NGEN 7 and MOTUL NGEN HYBRID are now available through across Ireland. Motul has dedicated technical back-up and the full range of Motul Lubricants and related products is available in Ireland through Alpha Lubricants. For more information contact or phone +353 (0)21 488 9814